Acne: those things that cropped up on your face one day and never left. If you are experiencing acne as an adult, you’re totally going to relate to this list. Adult acne can be very frustrating, both for women who had acne in their teen years and those who never had acne as teenagers but suddenly started sprouting them all over.

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Here are 10 acne issues we can all totally relate to:

1. Having perfect skin until you have a big event
Don’t think your zits are time conscious? Think again. It’s all smooth skin and happy days until you finally get that date or land that job interview. Then it’s hey breakouts! Thank you for visiting just in time *insert ear scratching wail*

2. The ultimate debate of if popping a zit would be worth it

 Heads up, it never is. Popping your zit might be tempting but just remember, the only end result is having half your face covered in a giant, inflated zit.

3. Hoarding spot treatments and hoping to find that magic potion

This happens until you realize that all those products are doing you more harm than good. By then, you’ve spent hundreds of dollars and have no more counter space.

4. That one spot you keep breaking out in

Eventually it becomes this very tender spot and you start considering how possible a face transplant is. At this point, it doesn’t matter if there is a zit there or not, that spot always hurts.

5. Trying to cover those spots with makeup

You eventually end up feeling even more insecure because everyone can now see your struggle. Your foundation looks like you have air pockets in it and you’re considering the face transplant thing for real this time.

6. Praying someone figures out the cure for acne

If you’ve ever said this heartfelt prayer in a moment of desperation, you’re not alone. Hopefully our voices put together would be enough to convince the higher forces.

7. The panic that comes when you realize you mistakenly fell asleep with makeup on

And the mad dash to the bathroom that follows. Also followed by the quick prayer you don’t even realize you’re saying.

8. When the regular overnight bags don’t work for you

Because your overnight bag needs enough space for your 10 step acne skincare routine products.

9.Messing with a zit that eventually turns into a scar

You kind of know what your action will lead to but you can’t keep your hands away from your face. Don’t worry, that just means you’re normal.

10. Dating a member of the beard gang

Prickly hairs stimulate oil production which leads to breakout. It’s time to make a decision- your boyfriend or smooth skin. If he loves you that much he might agree to shave it off for you though. Maybe.