Facing the Monday blues? Not sure if you can make it through the week already? Here are our top 8 Make Up Memes that we cannot stop laughing at. Now, stop those Monday blues and LOL with us

We have searched high and wide of the internet to bring you what can only be described as most relatable to any make-up lovers. Keep scrolling to find the sort of posts that will make you laugh at your phone and turn to your co-worker to share the joy.

Get ready makeup lovers!

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When you watch 1,462 tutorials and you still can't contour.


Well, now I'm just going to take 162 selfies because my makeup is on point and people need to know it. #ishoweredforthis #ishavedforthis #contourisnotgoingunnoticed #gettinganinstaoutofthis


Contouring is a must. Everyone knows that, even Mona Lisa.


You're not wearing enough highlighter if you can't see it from space.


I'm confused by your compliment but I will take it.


When you thought your contour was on point and then you check in the daylight...


When you just want to go to bed but you still have to remove your makeup.