South Korean men have joined in the battle for good skin and the consumer conscious companies have picked up on this, and started to invest hugely in it. Cosmetic aisles are now being frequented by men who care about their appearance and are interested in using grooming products. Their interests are not just lotions and after shave, there is growing demand from men for anti-aging products, masks and other secondary skincare products.

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According to an article on, AmorePacific has reported an increase in the sales of products from its male grooming brand, Laneige Homme, since 2007.

Euromonitor International reports that the domestic male grooming market has grown by an average of 13% since 2007.

Although statistics show that more men are beginning to invest in grooming products, their choices are still quite different from that of women. The marketing team of AmorePacific reported that most men prefer to buy all-in-one products that shorten the amount of time spent on grooming. Examples of these products are toner and aftershave in one and a sun BB cream which gives the one-in-all skin effect but also provides sun protection. Due to this, some men are still on a 3 step routine at most.

Almost all the domestic cosmetic companies have launched male grooming lines to cater to the growing demand. The market is now highly competitive, and the companies have started exploring marketing options to push the interest in their lines.

Most companies have signed up male k-drama and k-pop celebrities as the face of their brands to boost sales and interest in their products. Another reason for this strategy is to attract female buyers who will feel compelled to buy the products for the men in their lives, because of their admiration of those stars.

Song Jung-gi, the famous actor and host, is currently the face of the male grooming brand by AmorePacific. Ok Eun-jae, a brand marketing manager at AmorePacific, explained that “we believe not only that Song Jung-gi is the perfect role model in the world of male grooming, but that he will also increase brand awareness and create a positive image among women who are the potential buyers of skincare products for men”.

This rise in the interest of male grooming has made it easier for a lot of men to speak up on their skin concerns and look for remedies for them. It is no big secret that skincare is one of the major factors in the economic growth of South Korea as the world has been influenced by their very effective skincare products and routines.

This report on CNN Money shows that South Korean men are the world’s top per capita consumers of skincare and grooming products.