Turns out your 10 step skincare routine, is about to get a bit more intense. This is for a good reason though, we have been introduced to magical potions that would tackle your skin issues head on.

These potions are honestly not so new, but for our girls who haven’t been let in on the secret yet- your skin is about to get a whole lot better. They come in the form of serums, essences and ampoules. Chances are, you’ve heard at least two of these names before. Now, you’re going to find out why they are so important.

SERUMS serums are concentrated to target a specific skin issue. They don’t have the fix-it-all quality you might see being marketed in moisturizers, they are specifically designed to fix a type of issue. For example, a serum might be to fight wrinkles, dark spots or sun damage. Also, the consistency of serums is quite thick, almost oil like, this means that they should be applied towards the end of a skincare routine. Serums usually come in small bottles that have droppers for easy use. Some brand package theirs in small pump bottles.

ESSENCES when you consider the functions of both serums and essences, the easy conclusion is that they are the same. This is true to an extent because it is still possible to point out differences between serums and essences. Essences are more lightweight and less intense than serums. They are more hydrating and were traditionally designed to be used after the toner to add another layer of hydration. This does not mean that they are any less effective; they still contain high concentrations of active ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. They feed your skin with all the good stuff.

AMPOULES they are basically serums with super powers. They have a higher concentration of active ingredients and are usually used within a time range. You can use ampoules if you have a specific skin issue you want to get rid of ASAP. Ampoules work much faster and can get rid of those crisis you never saw coming, like sunburns, or it could be something much simpler, like you’re hungover and need to look alive before you get to work.

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The It’s Skin Power 10 Formula line have been best sellers for a long time and for a good reason, even better than good, awesome. Although they are called Power 10, there are actually 13 products in this line. Each contains a special ingredient that helps it target a specific skin issue.

They are-

  • VC (vitamin C- brightening)
  • CO (collagen- elasticity)
  • YE (yeast- vitality)
  • GF (grifola frondosa- moisturizing)
  • WH (arbutin- whitening)
  • Q10 (Q10- firming)
  • PO (chameleon- pores control)
  • VB (Vitamin B- sebum control)
  • VE (Vitamin E- anti oxidant)
  • WR (caviar- anti aging)
  • LI (licorice- soothing and anti pigmentation)
  • Propolis (brightening, fights acne)
  • Syn-ake (anti- wrinkle)

Whatever your skin issue is, there’s a magical potion for it.

Yoojin, as a guest on Talking Mirror in 'Get It Beauty' introduced these awesome products. Also, many Korean celebs are quickly adapting to these new skincare products. 

When choosing a serum, essence or ampoule, remember to choose products that suit your skin type. Feel free to experiment with the textures, this way, you can find what you are most comfortable with. Your skincare routine shouldn’t be static, it should constantly evolve as your needs shift and change.