Beauty sleep is a simple term to describe what happens with your skin cells once you’ve reached a certain level in your sleep. This is when the cells work to repair and regenerate themselves. That’s the simple reason why when you wake up after a full nights rest, your skin looks radiant and almost new.

If you’re a working girl with a busy life, this might be unrealistic for you on some days. All the caffeine you drink during the day comes to haunt you at night and most times, you have to sacrifice hours of sleep to get things done. That shouldn’t stop you from looking your best though, which is why you’re about to learn to fake it. Yes, I mean fake the effects of a beauty sleep using the tips below:

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 For your eyes

People usually notice sickness, tiredness, etc, first by looking into a person’s eyes. You need to give your eyes the shine a good night’s rest would have provided. The easiest way to do this is by opening them up.

  • Use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes. This way you pull them up and away from your eyes.
  • Line your bottom waterline with white eyeliner. Keep it away from your lash line, but cover your waterline with it. It would give the effect of wider, brighter eyes.
  • To cover your dark circles, use a hydrating and creamy concealer. Using a matte concealer can make you look even more dull, so stay away from those. Gently press the concealer into the skin, don’t wipe it around.


For your face

Stay away from products that would give you a matte look as your skin is most likely dehydrated already. Go for creamy and highlighting. Use a highlighter along your brow bone, the bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow. You can also use it on the high points of your cheeks. On the apples of your cheeks, feel free to add a subtle but warm shade of blush. It would make your skin look very healthy.

For your lips

Wear a healthy color but remember to add a bit of gloss to it. I would advise not to go to with your exact nude shade, or colors that appear dull- it’s the trend now, but those shades would suck the appearance of life from your face. Instead, go with colors that bring an instant glow to your face.

The next time you’re running out of time for a complete beauty sleep, just plan your makeup routine for the next morning and you’re set to go.