Washing your face every night and going through your entire skincare routine might seem daunting, but the consequences are even worse. We get warned so often to always remember to take off our makeup, that we’ve become desensitized to just how important that skincare advice is.

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 After a long day at work, or a crazy night out, most of us just crash into our beds, face full of makeup, oils and dirt, and don’t bother with trying to clean that out. Here’s why you should never do that again:

1. You ruin your pores: makeup, oils and other particles are responsible for enlarging your pores and making them look a lot bigger. It is important to clean out your pores not just because of their size, but to minimize skin issues. It is impossible to have bad skincare and not be plagued with rashes or other skin issues. For the best cleansing result, we recommend using the [Banila Co] Clean it Zero

2. The makeup dries out your skin: Have you ever noticed how fresh your makeup appears after you sleep in it? It’s not because you woke up like that, it’s because the makeup prevented your face from getting moisture all night. It’s the job of the first layer of your skin to lock in moisture, but that is prevented by the makeup sitting on it. If you’ve been doing this, it’s important that you get serious with your hydration and moisturizing routine. Try using the [Innisfree] Green Tea Seed Deep Cream.

3. You make yourself prone to skin issues: If you have a habit of sleeping in your makeup, you will definitely get skin issues from time to time, if not all the time. Your skin will get irritated and things like acne and eczema can crop up at anytime. The skin is usually good at resisting things like this, until you make it vulnerable with bad skincare.

4. You will keep introducing dirt to your face with your bedding: If you clean your skin one night and don’t the next, you still introduce the dirt from the day before to your face through your pillows. Make sure you change your pillow cases weekly, during the week, flip it over to the next side so it’s a fresh side for you.

It’s very important that you go through your skincare routine every night, makeup or not. If you have too many steps or products you use, you can cut it down to the essentials and leave the rest for your morning routine or those nights where you have enough time.