It’s totally okay to look good while working on your dream bod, despite how much people have tried to paint it as a vain act. Wearing makeup is not about a lack of confidence in your natural look, you simply want to touch up as much or as little as you want.

The general assumption is that most women wear makeup (especially to places like the gym) because they are not confident in their natural looks. This is not true as most times, the satisfaction women get from wearing makeup is personal. I only stop blending, or applying my lipstick when I look in the mirror and I’m satisfied with what I’m seeing.

As far as your skin’s health is concerned, the only place it would be wrong to wear makeup to, is to bed and that is because of the adverse effect it would have on your skin.

When preparing for the gym, remember that you’re going to be doing a lot of sweating. Use the tips below to get your application right for best and lasting results.

Go light

Avoid heavy coverage, like foundations. This is because your skin releases toxins while you work out. These toxins are supposed to be let out, but if you’re wearing foundation, they’re going to be trapped in your pores and can begin to cause skin issues.

Also, makeup moves around while you sweat. Sweat and oil dislodges the makeup so it just sits there on your face in a weird way, and everyone can see that you came to the gym with a full face of makeup.

Your best option is to use a lightweight loose powder, it looks totally natural (if it’s your exact shade) and won’t blow the whistle on you once you start sweating.

 Use matte concealers for spot correction instead

If you have spots on your face that loose powder won’t cover, try using a matte concealer with a really thick consistency to cover those spots. It is much better than covering your whole face in foundation.

 Go nude on the eye makeup

You can wear some eye makeup, but make sure it blends with your skin tone. Many women don’t feel comfortable going out without some sort of eye makeup so you can indulge. Remember to stick to colors that blend with your skin tone, slightly darker is also fine.

 Choose a trusted water proof mascara

It’s hard to use something other than your comfort mascara, but you have to invest in one that won’t slide right off your lashes when it comes in contact with sweat. It might take a trial and error period to find one but once you do, that’s your new gym buddy.

 Avoid doing your brows and wearing lipstick

That’s the fastest way to give yourself away. Your brows would stand out on your face, same with your lips. Using your brow brush, just brush them into shape. For your lips you can try using a tinted lip balm. It would give a natural and matte look.

Remember that there is nothing wrong with wearing makeup to the gym, so if someone notices and points it out, admit to it with confidence. You can even go ahead to give them advice and recommendations if they get really curious.