From sheet masks to laser treatments, I want to argue that my love is equal. The truth is, we can’t bring ourselves to choose. It is now very easy to get all your favorite K-beauty products in the West and vice versa. We can say that because of the number of brands available for us to choose from, it can be difficult to make

We can say that because of the number of brands available for us to choose from, it can be difficult to make accurate judgement or decide to stick with a particular trend.

South Korean women are known as the gurus of skincare. Long before science labs could come up with solutions for skin issues, they already had age old traditions, being passed down from one generation to the next, helping them fix skin problems with the oddest (but most amazing) natural ingredients.

If you think snail slime is weird, try horse oil or animal placenta. However, from the number of women making the change to Korean skincare every day, it is obviously worth it.

 A major strategy K-beauty lines used was presenting their K-pop and K-drama stars as the face of their cosmetics lines. This didn’t just affect their South Korean market, but the whole world considering how many people are addicted to Korean entertainment and their gorgeous stars.


For the sake of this discussion, let’s introduce some imaginary friends.



K enjoys Korean beauty trends, she lives in Seoul and is addicted to boy bands.

W enjoys western beauty trends, she lives in NZ and is newly obsessed with all things beauty and skincare.


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Skin texture and makeup

K loves a dewy but very natural look. Her main focus is building her natural beauty, she prefers making her skin look as flawless as possible, that way she can confidently go out barefaced.

W loves playing with colors and creams. She goes all out when doing her makeup- contouring, highlighting, strobing. She has no problem with simply covering up her blemishes with makeup. She also enjoys playing with colors on her eyes and cheeks.

Skin tone

K keeps her skin as fair as possible. She goes out of her way to avoid direct contact with the sun. She loves investing hugely in lightening products, sun blocks and facials.

W loves sunbathing. She prefers the bronzed glow her skin gets when its sun kissed. If K sees this, she would be appalled.


As W gets older, she begins to see the importance of starting a good skincare routine. She has started following beauty blogs and vlogs to learn about the next best thing for her skin.

K has had a skincare routine since she was 16. Beauty is a big deal to her and she loves going through her 10 step skincare routine.


We can see that both W and K have had different experiences with beauty. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore, because these days, you can get whatever you want, wherever you are. Due to the high interest in Korean beauty coming from all parts of the world, major western companies are beginning to produce skincare and makeup products mimicking popular K-beauty concepts. In America alone, many of their cosmetics companies now produce BB creams, serums and sheet masks.

Even with the differences, I believe your skincare choices shouldn’t be based on where you live. Take advantage of both markets available to you. Think of it this way, you have twice as much options now.