It is said that eyes are the windows to your soul. Eyebrows bring out the best feature in your face. Gone are the days when eyebrows were plucked and tweaked till they shrank into a fine and flimsy existence; today, the eyebrow styling is more about making headlines. Celebs like Cara Delvingne are proof that eyebrows can become the most distinctive aspect of your style, or even turn into your signature style.

Surprisingly, the experts believe that your arches are not merely a fashion statement. In fact, your brow styling can reveal a lot about your personality as well. Scroll down to read more what your eyebrows tell the people about you.


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If you fall under the category of those who have tinted brows, you are intensely ambitious and a stickler by nature. Your habits of cleanliness and organization made you a darling of your parents. You love to keep your home and workplace well-organized and pay attention to every minor detail to maintain a neat and orderly existence.


Angled brows indicate that you have a sensitive nature. However, this sensitivity at times may lead to stubbornness. You love to keep your matters private and do not open up to the others. Thus your friend’s circle is quite limited. But you are quite close to the ones you really trust.



Experimental and outgoing are the words that define your personality. You are always on the look for unique trends and love surprises in your life. Whether it is fashion or career, you always think out of the box and never shy away from daring risks. Quite often, you hunches pay off and nothing delights you more!


You are utterly creative and gifted. You love to explore new ideas and your friends and family adore you for your creativity and originality.


Assertive and confident, you are a natural leader. The best part is that you always take your time before taking a decision and people rely on your sound judgment. You are well-known in your social circle for your wisdom and sensibility.



Just like your brows, you are a natural! Your approachable, easy-going personality is augmented by a remarkable sexuality. However, you just need to focus on picking the right friends who would bring out the very best out in your personality.


If you fall in category of girls flaunting the thin brows, it hints at the gentleness and femininity of your nature. You are romantic, sensuous, and hold all the potential to be an amazing partner or friend. You are reliable and center of attraction wherever you go.



High Arch
You are quite imaginative by nature. You expect a lot from life and from your loved ones, which sometime results in utter disappointment. The lack of flexibility in you nature and attitude makes you a sort of enigma for your friends and family.



Low Arch
You are an amazing person to be around. Friendliness, cordiality, and kindness are some of the many virtues of your personality. Apart from these wonderful attributes, you are sensible enough to take right decisions and due to this you are blessed with faithful, incredible friends.
Remember that your brow shape must be in accordance with the shape of your eyes. However, never forget to experiment and find out the best shape for your eyebrows that will make styling up just more fun!