Looking for affordable and very much needed products to fill your beauty bucket list? This week, we have a list of essential products we all need- whether we know it or not. These products are much needed in your beauty bag and they will all significantly take beauty for you to the next level.

Best part is, you can get them all for less than $25!

[Etude House] My Lash Serum -$5.70- if you wear mascara or false lashes often, this lash serum is a must buy for you. We often forget that our lashes are natural hair growing out of our skin, and they also need to be taken care of. This lash serum is an eyelash treatment that would give you better, longer lashes, protecting them from damage by your everyday mascara clumps and lash glue.

[Etude House] Cherry Lip Patch -$3.30- this lip patch is the answer to plump and hydrated lips forever! Using this patch helps to remove dead skin cells and keep the skin elastic and moisturized by infusing the lips with cherry extracts and other properties, designed to feed the skin.

[Etude House] My Tools Hair Rollers -$3.10- these hair rollers give you a heat and damage free way of getting gorgeous, bouncy curls. You can use them for your bangs or to give your hair waves and curls. They come with clips that make it easier to hold your hair up in the rollers.

[Etude House] Princess Eyelashes -$3.80- these handmade lashes come with a gorgeous volume that sits naturally on your lashes. To apply, remove the lash strip from the box carefully, measure against your lids and then cut to the appropriate length that would suit you. Apply the lash glue to the lashes, wait 5 seconds for it to harden (you can blow on it) and then apply on your lashes. Apply from the center first and then, press down on the edges.

[Nature Republic] Nature’s Deco Eyelash Curler -$4.20- this eyelash curler comes with a broad curve that curls your lashes from the inner to the outer corner of the eyes to give all the lashes an even lift and curl. The curler gently lifts the lashes from the root into a perfect curl.