We can safely say that 2016 was the year we obsessed over all natural and organic products, finally taking into consideration what our beauty products are made of. That was possibly one of the best trends in the beauty industry, but signs show that there are more to come. Here are a few trends we believe will go mainstream this year, and thankfully, they are all necessary changes.

Super food ingredients

More people are moving to skincare products that contain foods packed with minerals, vitamins and anti oxidants. When included in skincare products, they work as power punches, boosting the benefits of that product for your skin. Applying nutrient rich products to our skin has been proven to work to help fight skin issues and skin aging signs. They are also healthier as they have replaced chemical ingredients that were formulated to replicate these skin benefits.

 Hyaluronic masks

As we age, natural productivity and care in our skin cells deteriorate due to factors like sun exposure, age, bad skincare etc. Hyaluronic acid is the answer you need to this skin issue. Naturally, our bodies are able to produce enough of this acid to support our skin cells but as we get older, we begin to lose ability to produce it. Using skincare products containing hyaluronic acid helps to reduce the appearance of skin aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines. It also provides support to the skin cells. The basic function of this acid to our skin is that it helps the skin cells retain moisture content, leaving the skin hydrated, soft and supple to touch. MIK carries a range of hyaluronic acid infused masks and lotions. Go to the online store to shop them.

 Ingestible beauty

People are beginning to understand how much what you put inside, reflects on the outside. We believe that this is the year when this is actually going to be taken seriously and people will be encouraged to go on skin friendly diets. The word ‘diet’ tends to scare some people away but that wouldn’t matter when they understand that it is simply cutting back on unhealthy foods, and increasing the intake of anti oxidant rich foods. Replacing coffee and sugar drinks with water is also a big step everyone should feel encouraged to take. There are a lot of amazing recipes for healthy foods you can eat, and dieting doesn’t necessarily mean eating small. You can even increase your intake of food, but you’ll be doing it the right way!

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