Summer to Fall Beauty Transition Tips with Yoona! 

With new seasons come new weather conditions that can be good or bad for our skin. Going from humid summer, to the dry air that comes with fall can take out the moisture in your skin, leaving you with a very confusing temporary dry skin condition.

We can’t prevent the weather change, but there are ways to work around it to make sure its effect on our skin is kept to the minimum. Your skin will need some help to get ready for the cold and dry weather to come.

One of our favorite Korean stars, Yoona, openly admitted that one of her major battles with skincare is her dry skin. It used to be a big concern for her until she devised a method that works wonders for her now. Thankfully, she was nice enough to share her method with us. This was at a press conference that was held before her concert with her girl group, Girls’ Generation. Those in attendance were blown away by how gorgeous her skin was looking. She appeared doll like with her glowing skin and was the center of attention as no one could take their eyes off her.

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How to get glowing skin like Yoona:

Yoona explained that even though she has dry skin, she still manages to keep her skin glowing with a method she devised when she was looking for a solution. Her secret method is to mix about two to three drops of her facial oil with a moisturizing cream and then apply it on her face. This way, she keeps her skin hydrated and glowing.

Also, before she goes out, she makes sure she applies rich amounts of facial creams. She does this layer by layer to make sure her skin absorbs as much as possible.

This routine keeps her dry skin looking healthy and supple and prepares her skin for dry weathers so it doesn’t take a toll on her appearance.

Extra tips:

  • You also need to hydrate from the inside out. Drink lots of water, your skin needs as much hydration as it can get.
  • Avoid hot baths or showers as much as you can. If the weather is too cold for a cold shower, then try lukewarm water. Hot water is bad for both your skin and hair. For your skin, it pulls out the moisture, leaving you with a dry, tight (or pulled) feeling. 


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