[by Beauty Team/ translated by Yanching Sally Chu]

It was revealed on April 14 that the anti-aging product ‘Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream’ of Nature Republic (Director Jung Un Ho) that transmits beauty energy found in clean areas in the world was given the Grand Gold Award at ‘2016 Monde Selection’.

As one of the three biggest fairs in the world, ‘Monde Selection’ was founded in 1961 with the approval of Belgian government. More than 3100 products of different kinds such as healthy foods, beauty, drinks, alcohol and foods from around 82 countries are involved in the competition every year. Through a 4-month rigorous screening, about 70 specialists will select the best products among all.

‘Ginseng Royal Silk Water Cream’ that received the award is an anti-aging cream that consists of rare ingredients such as 99% pure gold, 6-year-old Goryeo red ginseng, clean royal jelly and silk amino acids obtained from golden silkworm to help the skin stay hydrated and radiant. It is proved by accredited institutions through the four-week human subject experiment and survey that it improves wrinkles around the eyes, skin moisture and elasticity.

After its release a year ago, it has received lots of local and global prizes due to its superior quality. Taeyeon and Hyoyeon from Girls’ Generation, actress Hwang Shin Hye and more famous artists and announcers have praised the high quality of the product, which has become a hit one of the brand, creating hot topics on SNS. In respond to the requests of customers, the line is expanded that toner, emulsion, essence, eye cream and mask sheet are also released, receiving great love from the customers.

The spokesperson of Nature Republic revealed, “Through the award, the competitiveness in the global market and the outstanding quality of the product are proved”, added, “As one of the representatives of K-Beauty, we will try hard to provide products of the world’s best quality”. (photo by Nature Republic)

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